Why to refer to Naturopathic Doctors at Charm City Natural Health
Naturopathic doctors are trained as experts in natural medicine, and can complement any conventional medical or mental health practice. There are a wide number of situations in which you might refer to an ND, but here are some of the most common clinical situations:

- Patient in need of significant lifestyle changes (e.g. diet, exercise, sleep, stress management)
- Patient is self-prescribing supplements, herbs, vitamins or natural therapies
- Patient interested in natural approach to ailment
- Natural Medicine Consult/Patient not progressing with current treatment
- Adjunctive/supportive therapy needed for continuation of conventional treatment/side effect reduction

While naturopathic doctors are trained as general practitioners and can see most conditions, the most common conditions seen are listed on our Conditions and Treatments page. If you ever have questions about referring a patient to a naturopathic doctor, please call us! We would love to speak to you.

What to expect from a Naturopathic Doctor
Because the naturopathic profession is new to Maryland, many healthcare providers may not be familiar with our profession, and might wonder what to expect from an ND referral.

Referring practitioners should expect that a naturopathic doctor will:

- Recommend science-based natural therapies
- Prevent interactions between conventional and natural therapies
- Provide written evaluations and plans on request
- Maintain contact with referring providers
- Recommend continued care with referring provider

Naturopathic doctors are trained to practice within the mainstream medical system, and provide nothing but the highest level of professionalism. A naturopathic doctor should not dispute or malign your recommendations or prescriptions; we are here to augment the medical system. If you ever have questions about an ND’s recommendations, please call and we’d be happy to discuss the question.